The Superb Lyrebird

by Edgardo Gubelin on February 7, 2018

On a recent terrific, private tour to the Jenolan Caves, which is an hour and a half beyond the Blue Mountains, I was fortunate to experience my first sighting of the Superb Lyrebird.

The bird-like sounds coming from the forest were confusing, as I couldn’t pin point the species of bird.  It was a cocktail of sounds from a kookaburra, a camera shutter closing to the sound of a car alarm going off!

Confusing to say the least!

I ended up peering into the undergrowth not knowing what to expect.

Then to my amazement, out of the foliage struts this beautiful pheasant bird, looking like a glamorous ramp model, with the most beautiful long, veil-like tail.

Blessed to have had this rare species of bird cross my path.


  1. Sonny Chadha says:

    I’m not one of those readers that comments on articles often, but yours really compelled me. There’s a lot of interesting content in this article that is interesting and bold.

    • Kit Muller says:

      Thank you for your nice comment Sonny.

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