Take a trip on the wild side and experience the largest sand dune system in Australia, a 30km beach drive, the Sygna Wreck, Tin City and a dolphin boat cruise on Nelson Bay.

Our Journey

Hold your breath as we deflate the tyres and head for the soft sands.

4WD Drive Beach Tour

4WD Drive Beach Tour

With adrenaline pumping, tyres deflated, we head for the soft sands of Stockton Beach.

Sygna Wreck Stockton Beach

The Sygna Shipwreck

Gale force winds and rough seas pounded the stricken 53,000 ton Norwegian bulk carrier “Sygna” destined for Europe, in May 1974.

Oyster Catchers Stockton Beach

Pied Oystercatchers

A sense of freedom engulfs you, as we make our way to explore Stockton Beach.

Tin City Stockton Beach

Tin City

There are  no roads to Tin City. Half buried by sand, it is real and people live there.

Horse rides Stockton Beach

Horse and Camel Rides

Horses on the Camargue? Grab the reins and gallop down the beach.

Boat Harbour

Rugged Coastlines

Enjoy the serenity of sheltered bays as we continue to Nelson Bay for lunch.

Nelson Bay

Picturesque Nelson Bay and a dolphin cruise watch. 99% success sighting rate.

Kangaroo central coast

Sunset trip to Sydney

Heading back to Sydney we pass Kangaroos in the wild.

Grahamstown Lake

Grahamstown Lake

Sunset over Grahamstown Lake as we end the day.