Experience the Sights of Sydney, from the Landmarks to the Northern Beaches, at Your Own Pace with a Private Guided Day Tour

A guided tour is a terrific way to see the sights in and around Sydney. From the Opera House to the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the spectacular Northern Beaches, you can experience much of this great locale in the space of a day with the help of the right tour guide.

Unfortunately, many guided tours of Sydney and its surrounding areas are large bus tours. These tours show you the sights, but because there are so many people along for the ride, they often feel cramped and truncated. At each attraction, there is only really time to get off the bus, snap a few pictures, hear a pre-rehearsed bit of history from the tour guide and get back on the bus to head to the next location. There is no intimacy or leisure to these tours, and when you stumble upon a site that really fascinates you, you may not have enough time to appreciate it fully.

Terrific Tours Sydney: A Different Kind of Guided Tour

At Terrific Tours Sydney, we recognise the convenience of exploring Sydney via guided tour, but we also see the drawbacks of travelling as part of such a big group. With that thought in mind, we offer private tours of the Northern Beaches, the City of Sydney and other surrounding areas. Plan a tour for your family or travelling group and work with us to design the tour to suit your interests. You will get to see the sights at your own pace, in a more relaxed and leisurely manner.

Take the Northern Beaches. When you cross the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and head north to the beaches, you leave behind much of the bustle and fast-paced lifestyle of the city. It’s your chance to unplug and let the sights, sounds and smells of beaches, national parks, seaside villages, picturesque lighthouses and incredible oceanic views rejuvenate you.

A private guided tour of the Northern Beaches is the perfect way to experience these marvels. Large bus tours with huge numbers of tourists and rushed pacing are antithetical to the scenic and secluded spots that you will see on a tour of the Northern Beaches. These sights are better experienced as part of a private tour, with just your family, a few friends and a tour guide by your side.

Decide How to Spend Your Private Day Tour of the Northern Beaches

Another benefit to seeing the Northern Beaches with the help of a private tour guide is that, in addition to taking the trip at your own pace and getting more than a moment’s photo op at each location, you also get to have a hand in the planning of the tour. From Akuna Bay to Pittwater to Manly and Shelley Beach, there is a lot to see up around the Northern Beaches. Select the sights that are most attractive to you and build them into your private, custom tour experience.

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