Explore and Learn about the Hunter Valley Wine Region, with a Knowledgeable Private Tour Guide from Terrific Tours Sydney

If you want to get the most out of all the beautiful places and sights that Sydney has to offer, then working with a private tour guide is the way to go. With the right tour guide at the helm, your exploration of the Sydney area will show you more, teach you more and give you an all-around enjoyable and stress-free experience.

At Terrific Tours Sydney, we offer an array of private guided tours in the Sydney area, one of our favourites of which takes passengers to the Hunter Valley Wine Region. Hunter Valley is one of Australia’s most famous and influential wine regions, having been one of the first regions to plant grapes for viticulture purposes in the early 19th century. In addition to its importance, Hunter Valley is also one of Australia’s most gorgeous slices of wine country. As such, a private tour of Hunter Valley is worth taking whether or not you consider yourself a wine enthusiast.

What You’ll See on a Private Day Tour in Hunter Valley

A private guided tour of the Hunter Valley Wine Country will focus equally on the gorgeous sights (offered by the vineyards and olive farms) and the wine boutiques, restaurants, cheese shops and chocolate shops that show off the region’s wares. Taste award-winning wines at one of Hunter Valley’s wineries, treat yourself to a decadent chocolate or learn to appreciate the charms of ‘smell cheese.’ Alternatively, sit down to lunch at Blueberry Hill and immerse yourself in all of the glorious tastes that wine country has to offer.

Along the way, your personable and experienced private tour guide will bring the Hunter Valley region to life with you. Your tour guide will explain the significance of each stop on your tour, as well as providing background on the area’s viticulture history or discussing Hunter Valley’s most iconic wines. For wine fanatics, this tour is the perfect way to spend a day. However, even more casual wine drinkers will enjoy the views, the food and the history of the Hunter Valley region. You might even see a family or two of kangaroos, grazing on the vineyard grounds.

Plan Your Tour Today

Even thinking about the treats you’ll experience in Hunter Valley is enough to make your mouth water. From the highest quality olive oils to the richest glasses of pinot noir to tastes of the most refreshing chilled chardonnay, a private day tour of the Hunter Valley region is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy some of the finer things in life.

At Terrific Tours Sydney, we are happy to help you plan a private tour of Hunter Valley that suits you. Do you want to focus on the vineyards, wineries and restaurants? We can do that. Are you more interested in the cheese shops and chocolate shops? We can spend more time at those locations. Our private tours are tailored to suit your interests and your preferred pace, so however you want to arrange things will work for us.

Are you interested in hiring a private tour guide to explore Hunter Valley? Call Terrific Tours Sydney on 61 415 625 116 to learn more about this tour package.