Experience the Miracles of the Blue Mountains with a Private Guided Day Tour

There’s a mystical, miraculous feeling in the air that you’ll get from exploring the Blue Mountains, and it has very little to do with the altitude. On the contrary, the Blue Mountains are so named because the visible light in the air actually looks blue. This phenomenon is owed to the concentration of eucalyptus oil in the air, distributed by the countless eucalyptus trees that cover the mountainous region. Because the air is so saturated with droplets of this oil—as well as vapours of water, dust particles and other debris—the sunlight refracts in such a way to give the atmosphere its mysterious blue colour.

Despite the very scientific reasoning for the colour of the Blue Mountains, actually exploring the area and experiencing the unique hue firsthand feels like stepping into another world. An exploration of that ‘other world’ is part of what we are offering at Terrific Tours Sydney with our private day tours of the Blue Mountains.

What You’ll Get Out of a Private Tour of the Blue Mountains

The blue atmosphere of the Blue Mountains is enough to make exploring the region a fascinating, calming and utterly rejuvenating experience. However, the vast region that includes Australia’s Blue Mountains also contains numerous sights worth seeing. Whether you have lived in the Sydney area all your life or visiting Australia for the first time, a day in the Blue Mountains won’t be quite like anything else you’ve ever experienced.

With so much to experience in the Blue Mountains, it can be hard to fit it all into just one day. From the spectacular rocky formation that is the Three Sisters to the spectacular views of Kings Tableland, all the way to the underground seclusion of the Jenolan Caves, the Blue Mountains hide secrets and rewards that could take a lifetime to unlock.

Therein lies the benefit of choosing Terrific Tours Sydney and letting one of our private tour guides show you around the Blue Mountains. We are not some big corporate bus company, trying to put together a tour that appeals to the largest number of people. Instead, all of our tours are smaller and more intimate. When you book one of our private day tours of the Blue Mountains, you really do get a private tour.

Plan Your Blue Mountains Tour Today!

The private nature of the experiences that Terrific Tours Sydney has to offer is especially apt for exploring the vast and varied terrain of the Blue Mountains. Our tours of this spectacular region give customers a dozen different attractions to choose from. You can sort through the list and work with your private Blue Mountains tour guide to plan the perfect tour for you and your friends or family.

Are you interested in planning a private guided tour of the Blue Mountains? Click here to get started. There, you can read a bit about the attractions that we offer at Terrific Tours Sydney, choose the ones that appeal most to you, learn more about pricings and bookings and more.